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Head of Partner Acquisition

Jakarta, Indonesia

Full time

Job Description

  • Ensure that the brand partners who work with companies are diverse and varied.

  • Mapping the strategy & target brand that will be approached for each type of product business offered by the company such as BMS, Kitchen Space, Pop Up, etc.

  • Prepare equipment, External : Commercial Data Format / Terms sheet required in the approach & negotiation process; Internal : Master Data & Tracker Format

  • Supervise & assist the acquisition team (u/well known brands) in the search process as well as signing collaborations with brand partners.

  • Ensuring the completeness of the agreement file with the brand partner.

  • Ensure that the Terms of Payment under the provisions have been approved by superiors.

  • Ensure the availability of Ops in the kitchen in accordance with the brand partners who join.

  • Ensure that the brand partner handover/handover session from the Acquisition to Onboarding department is supported with complete & clear information.

  • Ensure good relationship is maintained with each brand partner.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Business, Management, Communication or equivalent from reputable University

  • At least having 5 years experience in the related position, preferably from Food and Beverage industry

  • Highly motivated and target-driven individual

  • Good communication, interpersonal and multi-tasking skills

  • Ability to work in fast moving environment company

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