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Partnership Control Center 

Jakarta, Indonesia

Full time

Job Description

  • Ensure that every collaboration process with brand partners runs smoothly.

  • Analyze the business structure of brand partners. Analyzing the technology and systems used by brand partners.

  • Identifying possible problems that can occur in the partnership business process.

  • Evaluate the course of business processes and find deficiencies to be used as evaluation material.

  • Develop and implement solutions to overcome problems that arise in business processes.

  • Ensure that data management in the partnership sector runs smoothly and in sync with the data of various other related divisions.

  • Share and manage data access to external partners in the form of a dashboard.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree's in Marketing, Business or equivalent, preferably from reputable university

  • At least 3 years of working experience in the related

  • Strong analytical skill and problem solving

  • Have good communication skill

  • Database modeling skill is a plus

  • Able to work in a fast moving company culture

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