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We provide end-to-end food and beverage solutions for corporates, office buildings, schools, and hospitals

Catering delightful experiences

Tailored food services for every type of organization


Our Daily Food Service offers a wide variety of freshly prepared meals that are cooked by our team of experienced chefs. Whether you're looking for an on-site catering service or delivery straight to your space, we can provide delicious meals that cater to all team sizes, from small to large. With our Yummybox mobile app, your employees can even customize their meal orders just the way they like them.


Daily Food
Catering Service

Our Food Court Management service offers building and facility managers the ultimate solution in food and catering. We provide a high variety of options at the right price for your target audience, while also maintaining certified hygiene standards. Partnering with top specialty brands in the market ensures that we deliver nothing but the best to our clients.


Food Court Management

Take your corporate brand to the next level with our Corporate Branded Outlet service. We specialize in transforming your brand into a unique and memorable food experience. Our team of professionals work with you to create customized cafes and outlets that reflect your brand identity and exceed your expectations. Let us do the hard work, so you can focus on your business.


Custom Branded Outlet

Impress your guests with the exceptional food experience from our Meeting and Event Packages. Our team of professional chefs use their creativity and expertise to prepare delicious meals that cater to your individual taste and preference. We offer versatility in our formats, whether it’s boxed food, buffet or even formal dining.


Event and Meeting Packages

Our F&B Technology Management service ensures that the food services in your space are organized smoothly. We offer in-house F&B ordering management, accept pre-orders, vouchers, and all types of payments, making it easy for your customers to order their favorite dishes.


F&B Technology Management

All about
Yummy Corp


At Yummy Corp, we see food as more than just a combination of ingredients; we believe it is the cornerstone for crafting unforgettable experiences and nurturing communities. As the leading provider of innovative food facility management services, we take pride in curating exceptional culinary journeys within our partners' premises, empowering them to channel their efforts on their core missions and cultivate their communities. Our expert team, armed with over 20 years of experience, delivers groundbreaking solutions to corporates, office buildings, schools, hospitals, and cloud kitchen partners across 4 major cities in Indonesia.

Our comprehensive suite of services range from recipe ideation and menu planning to kitchen layout design, equipment procurement, and the implementation of food safety measures. We recognize the importance of serving safe, nutritious, and delectable food to your staff and visitors and we are unswervingly committed to ensuring your satisfaction across all facets of our service.

Formed through a strategic collaboration between digital entrepreneurs and the catering division of Ismaya Group, Yummy Corp marries the best of two worlds: an inventive mindset and a wealth of culinary experience. By choosing us, you're not just opting for a service provider. You're selecting a partner who is deeply committed to quality, innovation, and your success.

We combine tailored service with centralized kitchen to improve quality and affordability


Our approach to food and catering facility management is centered around the idea that food is the highlight of the day for today's busy workers. That's why we've made it our mission to respond to their needs by providing fresh, nutritious food made daily, at an affordable price, and with a high variety of options. We believe that providing excellent food must be accompanied by excellent service, so our team is always friendly and welcoming.

Where Food Meets Innovation


Our team of experienced chefs and catering professionals use only the freshest ingredients and follow strict hygiene protocols to ensure that our food is delicious and safe.


We are committed to bring the greatest in food facility service. Whether it's creating new recipes or using the latest tech, we always strive to offer something unique & delicious.


Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart. We take great care in selecting and preparing our food to provide the best possible experience.


As part of our dedication to sustainability, we prioritize buying local and sourcing healthy ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. 


We are HACCP and Halal Certified 

You're probably


  • What type of catering services does Yummy Corp provide?
    Yummy Corp provides all kinds of catering services, but we specialize in large volume daily and event meals. We can cater all the way from meeting snacks to a 5-course dinner. However, given the complexity of the latter, we prioritize our services for contract clients. So if you are looking for a reliable catering service for your daily meals or events, Yummy Corp is the right choice for you.
  • Can Yummy Corp cater to dietary restrictions and preferences?
    Yes, we can cater to dietary restrictions and preferences as long as we are informed ahead of time. Our experienced chefs have catered to many variety of dietary preferences, including allergies, religious, or medical. We want all of our customers to be able to enjoy our delicious food, so we will work with you to create a menu that meets your needs. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions or preferences at the time of booking so we can make the necessary arrangements.
  • How much is your price?
    At Yummy Corp, our prices vary depending on the type of event, menu selection, and number of guests. We provide customized catering solutions to fit your budget and specific needs. Please contact us to receive a free quote and discuss your food requirements. We guarantee that our prices are competitive and affordable, without compromising on the quality and taste of our food. Trust us to make your event a delicious and memorable one.
  • How does Yummy Corp maintain food quality and freshness?
    We source our ingredients locally from trusted vendors, ensuring that our dishes are always fresh and flavorful. Additionally, we follow strict food safety procedures and are HACCP certified, meaning that we adhere to the highest industry standards for food safety and sanitation. You can trust us to provide delicious and safe meals for your needs.
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Project Showcase


Location: BSD City, Tangerang


Services: Daily Food Catering Service + Custom Branded Outlet


Daily Pax: 1,000+


Price Range: Rp 25,000 - 40,000

Client: Grha Unilever

Location: Kuningan, Jakarta


Services: Food Court Management


Floor Space: 140,000 sqm


Price Range: Rp 30,000 - 75,000

Client: Trinity Tower

Location: Sudirman, Jakarta


Services: Daily Food Catering Service (Boxed Meals)


Daily Pax: 70-80


Price Range: Rp 40,000

Client: LINE Indonesia

Our well-fed clients and partners